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Our Story

Yeneochia Ikhelowa, MPH, MBA, CPCO, is the sole owner and founder of Desire Home Care (DHC), LLC. Her interest to start a homecare came about when one of her loved ones was admitted into a facility under hospice care, and received very inadequate care and neglect. Her aunt went hours without been rotated, or changed from her soiled clothes and beddings.

Whenever her family visited, they perceived the horrible smell from her neglected and soiled personal effects. The nurses would say they were “busy with other patients, and cannot tend to patients individually”. Yeneochia and other family members picked up the slack to afford her the dignity and respect she deserved and desired.

Although, Yeneochia was in high school at the time, she began to wonder and asked other family members “why place her in a place she is not happy, rather than in her home with her loved ones and surrounded with familiar environment ? It was then she vowed to become a provider of affordable quality and compassionate home care. She went on to build work experiences in health care and home care industries, where she has a combined experience of over 7 years.

Desire Home Care, strives to provide the most compassionate and quality in-home care for people with special needs including seniors and others with physical, mental and/or medical challenges. Assistance includes but not limited to personal care, homemaker, safety and transportation services.

Safety and happiness is very important to us, and we believe that everyone should and deserves to live life with dignity, happiness and most importantly to its fullest. To ensure this, all members of the DHC family are selected by Yeneochia, and caregivers are monitored and supervised 24/7. To ensure clients’ needs are met, a free assessment and consultation is conducted with individuals/families to select a compatible caregiver and to determine the level of care needed. After the first day of service, a “client check-in” is conducted by a case manager to verify satisfaction. This allows changes (if any) to be made, and for clients’ input to be heard.