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Maternity Care:

Congratulations on your new or soon to be bundle of joy! For some people pregnancy is either very smooth and for others is very stressful or painful. As exciting as this moment is, it is usually stressful planning the perfect birth for you and your baby. Our specialized and certified professional team of staff are available to make this transition smoother and easier. To give your a birthing experience you will never forget. Our services include:

  • Planning all your maternity appointments including child appointment
  • Finding accommodation for you if you don't have any
  • Assisting in labor room if needs be
  • Running errands
  • bathing child
  • caring and tending to the needs of other children in home
  • housekeeping
  • appointments
  • laundry
  • cooking
  • companionship
  • dropping and picking up children to and from school

Tourist Medical Care:

Being sick is enough to worry about let alone looking for the perfect doctor or country to be treated. Do you know that stress can prolong your healing time or worsen your medical condition? This is why we have decided to assist in hastening your healing process and allowing you to heal properly. Allow us to do the work while you focus on you. Here are our services:

  • Transportation To and from the Airport both in country of origin and destination country
  • Find the doctor for you including specialty doctor
  • Find accommodation for you if you don't have any
  • Take care of you typical housekeeping including cooking, laundry, cleaning and running errands.
  • Make your appointments
  • Help you apply for any applications that may arise during your time here. If this is you click here:

Contact us Today (888) 600-4220 or for your affordable and personalized care plan