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Alzheimer's Care in-home, Dementia Care in-home and Memory Care in-home

What is Dementia & Alzheimer's?

Alzheimer‘s is a form of dementia that causes the loss of cognitive functioning— reasoning , thinking, and remembering—and behavioral abilities to such an extent that it interferes with a person’s daily life and activities. It is memory disease that usually affects people over 60 years of age and for now has no cure, but can be managed with medication. Medication will help slow symptoms.

Dementia Symptoms

Early symptoms may be forgetfulness, especially of recent events and of family member names. As the disease progresses it becomes difficult for sufferers to do activities of daily living like personal hygiene, meal preparation and driving or navigating self from one point to another, and will eventually need total care and supervision.

Dementia & Alzheimer's Care Options

Unfortunately there are really only limited options to care for people with dementia, as they would need close supervision and monitoring as they would tend to wonder. Because of this need supervision they will need to be
in a facility or have a full-time caregiver to remain safely at home.

Dementia & Alzheimer's In-home Care

Home care can be a more reliable option to slow the progress of Dementia & Alzheimer's. Home Care can be provided by a family or a Home care Agency like Desire Home Care, and as part-time respite.

  • A Home caregiver can help the dementia sufferer remain safely at home around the a familiar environment and memories that will reinforce sense of self
  • As medication is the main solution to slow dementia progress, it is important for the patient to take medication regularly on schedule, but because of the loss of the loss of management skills, this will progressively become more challenging. However, a Home caregiver can with medication management & reminder.
  • A Home caregiver will provide the one-to-one care lacking in nursing homes. The patient will get assistance with bathing, toileting, meal preparation and other activities of daily living.

Our experienced local network of Dementia Caregivers in Inland Empire, Orange & Los Angeles County, CA can help families care for their loved ones and help them remain safely in the comfort of their home. An experienced Dementia Home caregiver can provide in-home care to keep sufferers safe and prevent avoidable falls that could be catastrophic for the elderly. A caregiver can also help with activities of daily living to provide hygienic environment to prevent disease infection, provide meal preparation to prevent malnutrition, and assisted transportation to keep sufferers socially engaged, socially stimulated and integrated in their community. It’s important that sufferers be treated with dignity and be allowed to maintain a productive, safe and active independent life style.

Our home care service is affordable, and is provided by experienced and licensed professionals. We offer free consultations to family to discuss solutions and options.

Contact us (888) 600-4220 or for an individualized and personalized care plan today.