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Desire Home Care highly values our caregiver and other employees. We strive to demonstrate this in every interaction, as we grow we want to communicate this message louder and clearer.

We understand that as caregivers, you work hard and make sacrifices for your clients that often times make you feel alone and unappreciated.

Well you are an angel. That is not what we think, but rather what our consumers tell us. They tell us your thankless sacrifices make them whole, and give them a sense of purpose.

So we are announcing the following benefits to increase our communication to caregivers that they are appreciated.

➢$200 Caregiver Referral Bonus for current caregivers when they refer new caregivers to come work with them. Referral is paid after new caregiver provides 500 hours of compassionate care.
➢$200 Signon Bonus for new caregivers after they work 500 hours
➢Paid 1-week Vacation, based on prior approval for Caregivers that work 40 hours a week.
➢Paid Sick days. Sick days are earned by hours worked, and sick days earned is indicated on paycheck
➢Discounted gym membership for employees and family at 24 Hour Fitness.

➢Save up to 55% on Southern California Attraction like Disneyland, Universal studio and Raging water