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As the premier provider of Home Care Services in Southern California we are constantly hiring talented and compassionate individuals who are passionate about caring for some of our most vulnerable and precious citizens, the elderly, disabled and chronically ill. As a valuable member of our organization you will enjoy a friendly professional working environment where your contributions will be valued. home care Caregiver cna jobs

Desire Home Care highly values our caregivers and other employees. We strive to demonstrate this in every interaction, as we grow we want to communicate this message louder and clearer.

We understand caregivers, work hard and make sacrifices for their clients that often times make them feel alone and underappreciated.

Well you are an angel. That is not what we think, but rather what our consumers tell us. They tell us your thankless sacrifices make them whole, and give them a sense of purpose.

So we provide the following benefits to our caregivers to increase our communication to caregivers that they cannot be appreciated enough.

<h3>Job Benefits</h3> 

➢$$$ Referral Bonus for current providers when they refer new providers to come work with them. 

➢$$$ Signon Bonus

➢Paid Vacation

➢Paid Sick days

➢Paid Mileage

To be considered for an employment opportunity send your resume to and indicate the Job Opening you are applying for or click the link below

We are hiring for the following positions

  1. Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), Caregivers, Respite Workers
  2. Care and Staff Coordinator
  3. Administrative Assistant
  4. Register Nurse
  5. Quality Assurance Specialist