Kasper: We really thought that drugs were going to change the world. Person at Free Clinic (archival): Anyone who wants to come down shouldn't be afraid to come for a check up. They shared the Beatniks' disdain for corporate America and the politics of inequality and war. There were three or four bakeries, there was a candy shop, there was a Woolworth's I was annoyed with them for changing my neighborhood. The HBO documentary, The Bee Gees, tells the story of the group's rise. Americans linked to communist groups were hounded and persecuted. sits with Dennis McNally, historian and author of the Grateful Dead biography Long Strange Trip to get his first hand account of California Historical Society’s ambitious exhibition that celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love by telling the story of the early days of the counterculture movement in San Francisco as young people from all over the country descended upon San … Mary Kasper: There were like 20,000 people, and it was this gloriously beautiful day, as you can only have in certain times in San Francisco. Susan Goldstein, SF Public Library ", Berg: People dressed in animal heads took money, huge pieces of money, stage money, and put them in and out of an enormous coffin in a march down Haight Street, singing, "Get out my life, why don't you, babe?" We [went in.] I was really ready to go to the Haight-Ashbury. Levine (archival): The coming in is going to cause difficulty and might cause turmoil and might cause very real frictions but the important thing is they're going to all go back to their towns and when they do they're going to turn on everybody and this thing is going to be all over the country. Sangaile allows Auste to discover her most intimate secret and in the process finds the only person that truly encourages her to fly. Debbie "Sunshine" Dunlap Shops now catered to souvenir-hungry tourists and "weekend hippies." And wore a tie, suit, that kind of thing. Gerrans: We got a call of a woman screaming for help, so we pushed the door open, and we see this naked woman slithering around on the floor like a snake. They called it a Gathering of the Tribes; a Human Be-In. Courtesy Everett Collection. Joel Selvin: The music changed just immediately. A Harvard professor exhorted the crowd to reject the traditional path to success. Mona, however, is experiencing her own rapture. So, I figured that I was taking these drugs on behalf of the American people, in order to tell them the truth. Neil and Kalmon Dolgin Published in 12 issues from 1966 to 1968, the the newspaper spoke directly to young people's imaginations and concerns. Coyote: We were not living without money because we had lots of it and it made it easy. Although hippies also gat They decided not to go the route that so many kids did go by staying without resources. Peter Berg (archival): Minds are up for grabs. Peter Coyote: Kids were coming from all over the country. Never before had so many Americans been under 25. Narrator: Sandi Stein was only 13, questioning and impressionable. There was a deep issue here. Gene Anthony, Bill Graham Archives, LLC, Courtesy of Wolfgang's Vault 17 years old Sangaile is fascinated by stunt planes. Narrator: Art Gerrans was born in the Haight and joined the San Francisco police department at age 22, assigned to Park Station. Sandi Stein: I was really part of a vagrant street crowd. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. I'm from Southern California and enjoying seeing what I've read about. Coyote: Kids were looking at pictures of kids like them, sitting on the stoops, cuppin' a joint, looking around for the cops, and saying, "Holy cow! The Chinese Exclusion Act Tuesday, May 29, 8/7c. Working class Mona (Natalie Press), whose once-hotheaded brother Phil (Paddy Considine) became a … They didn't realize how many young children, 13, 14, 15, 16, were out there. What is the power of love? Art Gerrans: Where I grew up, my neighborhood were mostly Irish and Italian kids, and, you know, we'd go to church together. Hundreds of young runaways wandered the streets aimlessly. Pamela Gaudiano It was great! Mayor Jack Shelley (archival): The hippies seem to be a new way of life. Narrator: The first hippies were children of the 1950s, the baby boom generation. Get the latest on new films and digital content, learn about events in your area, and get your weekly fix of American history. TRIP is an LSD experience. To see it is to love it! They were all valid searches and they've all been completely integrated into the culture today. California Historical Society Carmen Izquierdo de Franco, Post Production Kasper: Even in my early years, I knew I wanted something different than the world I saw around me. WEED is marijuana. CorbisMotion At their remote cabin, Jack's drunken encounter with Hannah, Iris' sister, kicks off a revealing stretch of days. It was an affirmation of their connection to the natural world -- a connection that was becoming harder to maintain as the Haight-Ashbury population swelled. Ravi Jain Getty Images/Imagebank Film KRON Everything. And I said, "I'm Sandi." Man 1 (archival): I took a trip in December and I talked to a lot of kids in some other cities to see if they were coming out here. Tigerfish Transcription Service And they didn't -- they couldn't feed themselves right. Of the three Bee Gees, only Barry Gibb is still alive. The media flocked to the event, putting hippies in the national spotlight for the first time. And they're going to be doing creative things and providing for themselves. Reporter (archival): But you say you're not. There were people who were coming, who were just coming for the drugs, who weren't coming for, say, a spiritual awakening or for a sense of community, or to be part of something bigger than themselves. Todd Gitlin Some people came in because of the appeal of the music. With Ryan Mandrake, Johnnie Walker, Simon Crocker, Anne Nightingale. They wanted to fall out. Jerilyn Brandelius Selvin: Hey, you know, we're trying to learn to live better, to think better, to be better human beings and be a better race, be a better civilization and to make this whole thing work. Mark Weiman, Regent Press Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. A special City-sponsored Summer of Love tribute kicks off on June 21, the summer solstice, in Golden Gate Park. The hippies openly flaunted the new law with a "Love Pageant" rally in the Haight, and their own declaration of independence: "... the creation endows us with certain inalienable rights," it read, "that among these are the freedom of body, the pursuit of joy and the expansion of consciousness." I just don't like them. I was just a straight-looking person, who happened to wear an eye patch as a result of an automobile accident. You want to live in a world where you can get food for free? Sandra, runaway (archival): That's none of anybody's business. You go home, you cook whatever you can cook at your kitchen and you bring it out and you serve it to hungry people on the street, you know. WGBH Educational Foundation Narrator: In June, a siren song on top-40 radio reached into every corner of America, beckoning the young and the curious to join the pilgrimage. Research Video Inc. and Stand-in Productions They were derided by some as junior grade hipsters, "hippies" for short. Narrator: California did make LSD illegal on October 6, 1966. Hedgepeth: Many of them just simply didn't know how to take care of themselves. Narrator: For many longtime residents of Haight-Ashbury, the growing hippie community was unwelcome. You don't have to be what adults want you to be. Monaco Digital Film Labs [00:11:38] "Messenger From Hell" (2012) - Stan Lee narrates an animated mini-documentary about Jan Karski, the first man to reveal the truth about the Holocaust to the Allied powers, as early as 1942. However, when she discovers that her new friends are lovers she finds herself caught in a complicated situation. Cahill (archival): I never said a word about that but I will take whatever police action is necessary. Virginia Snyder: Our neighborhood here was just really lovely. You know, it was like, my god, look at how many there are of us. I mean there's all these things that were, you know, not acceptable for a few minutes, you know? Narrator: By July, the great mass of young people had reached staggering proportions. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. You want to live in a house with, you know, lots of women and men and live the way you want? "Ramblin Blues" I really believed that it should just change and we should all just smarten up and do better. Pacific Film Archives And I'm thinking, "Oh, I'd really like to go there. About This Site; Peter Berg: The street theater that we had been doing was now going to be acted out as an alternative society where food, shelter, entertainment was going to be free, without ideology. WPA, Archival Photographs You bet." When you deconstruct your world, as many of us did with the stronger psychedelics, you have to build it back up again. There was, you know, every day, you saw scores and scores of people, maybe hundreds of people showing up, just gaping that this was the great place. Nick Bertoni Unbelievable amounts of food were thrown away. The people here today represent ... Stan McDaniels (archival): Our purpose is to provide an atmosphere which is more healthy than the kind of atmosphere that the city government and the newspapers have tended put out about the influx of young people to the city. You know, people thought of college students. For many, the capitol of the counterculture no longer seemed a shimmering wonderland. Roszak: That combination of affluence and anxiety is a crazy-making combination to live with, to grow up with. A tale of obsession and deception, and the struggle for love and faith in a world where both seem impossible. If the Be-in was the bringing together of all that energy from the previous years, it was the high point and the Summer of Love was the beginning of the end. Go see. In my opinion, this set is worth buying just for watching the documentary on the Rock and Roll through the 60s. He reflected on the "finer angels" he'd witnessed. Newsweek wrote of their "regimen of all-embracing love;" and "non-violent, mystical and bizarre." They were completely sympathetic and loving, in fact, toward others. You know, that looked good. No comments: Post a Comment. Thus, we've gotten hundreds and literally thousands of people coming up to Haight-Ashbury to watch people. They staged a happening. Girl #1(archival): Freedom. With contributions form Germaine Greer, Donovan, Nigel Havers, Bill Wyman, John Birt and Mary Quant, together with some excellent color archive, this documentary is a cut-above the usual retro-vision. The park and recreation department has ruled that no longer will the hippies be allowed to sleep in Golden Gate Park. Estimates ranged from 50 to over 100 thousand. enjoy! Charles Perry: And that was the vision. Narrator: In April, the hippies sought to ease growing tensions in the city, presenting an optimistic vision of the coming summer to the local media. S.O.U.L. They were used to having a nice, quiet neighborhood. It seemed to me then that the new phenomenon of hippies was part of a religious movement. Went into Boston and a friend of mine walked up to me and said, "Hey! There were hippie way stations, you know, that were full of people like us, you know, doing similar things. Eugene Schoenfeld, M.D. Judy Goldhaft: I used to go to the wholesale produce markets, and get produce for the free food that we did. Jeff Lustig So, you had a generation of kids who arrived at high school and then in college, trying to make sense of a world which they've been told is just grand and wonderful, and there's nothing to complain about anymore. In the Yorkshire countryside, working-class tomboy Mona meets the exotic, pampered Tamsin. It's up for grabs. But once you were in that vortex, once you were in that swirling miasma of social and personal change, all the doors were open. Narrator: Hippie leaders were incredulous. Sandi Stein: In June, I went out my window, ran away from home. The music is great and the attached booklet has a slice of history. Many of the summertime pilgrims had returned home, and there were few new arrivals. Narrator: To most of country, the Be-In must have seemed like a world turned upside down. Fergus O'Connor Narrator: William Hedgepeth's article for Look came out in August. Digger describing free food program (archival): We're trying to start a pilot program here called the Digger feed-in. And if everybody does it, we'll all have a ball. Naturally, the newspapers are going to play up the things they say, especially when these people bang tambourines and, like Allen Ginsberg, go into these absurd chants, these Hindu chants. Whether material affluence is what life is all about. Phil Morningstar: I kind went crazy when I went there. "HIPPIES WARN SAN FRANCISCO" about all these kids coming. Roz Payne Archives God lived inside all of us is a clichŽd way of putting it. Sandi Stein: I heard a voice behind me say, you're going to need some shoes. And then a couple days later, "MAYOR WARNS HIPPIES.". A college lecturer flees to Paris after a scandal costs him his job. Let's make the world that you imagine real by acting it out. Carlo A. Flores, Sound Design / Re-Recording Mixer Adding volatility is Mona's older brother Phil, who has renounced his criminal past for religious fervor - which he tries to impose upon his sister. Who is God and why is he here and what has he done for me lately anyway? And little kids not looking like they were being taken care of or loved very well. A young woman moves from the French countryside to Paris and begins a passionate love affair with a feminist leader in this drama set in 1970s France. Was this review helpful to you? And for some people they simply couldn't build it back up again and got stuck in a very painful place and couldn't see their way out of it. Sandi Stein: It was like arriving in Wonderland. Ever. Written by We saw it as a staging area for transforming society. KTVU Fox2 News The utopian moment had been and gone. They said "I don't know, we've read the magazines and heard a lot of talk, but I don't know, you know. While Beatniks wanted the world to leave them alone, the New York Times said, "the new hippies want to change the world." The president many had found inspiring had been assassinated barely three years earlier. And I'm not going to cross bridges until I come to them. Selvin: Why do we have war? Bus driver (archival): The hippies take many trips, and the trip of the hippies is generally an unusual one. Aaron-Stokes, Ltd. Gerrans: It got ugly. And cars with flowers painted on them. Kasper: We certainly, on some level, thought money was the root of all evil, and thought having a lot of money was not a good thing for your soul. People, if they moved -- and people moved around a lot -- didn't have anything to do with their stuff. Cause now it was squalid. But he also told of a darker side, of spending the night in a "filthy, litter-strewn dope fortress," with "half-a-dozen hippies lying in various stages of drug stupor.". Narrator: Soon a sight-seeing company began running a bus down Haight Street, calling it the only foreign tour in the domestic United States. My Summer of Love is a 2004 British drama film directed by Paweł Pawlikowski and co-written by Pawlikowski and Michael Wynne. Reporter (archival): Sandra, your father says you've run away from home three times and you've been gone now for some time. But the campers’ connections and thirst for their civil rights extended beyond their summer idyll, as many went on to become architects of the disability rights movement. The Island Murder Tuesday, April 17, 9/8c. Directed by Pawel Pawlikowski. And I won't tell. California History Room, CA State Library, Sacramento, CA Ron Thelin at press conference (archival): The Haight-Ashbury community has created a council for a Summer of Love in San Francisco. Narrator: For the Diggers, the free feed-ins also served to push people to examine their own values. This video just shows me flipping through the set. A novice nun about to take her vows uncovers a family secret dating back to the German occupation. Before that, rock and roll songs were three minutes, period, paragraph, we're out of here. Their parents had endured years of economic depression and a brutal World War. We believe that they're here, as a matter of fact, for a spiritual purpose. Police officer (archival): Let me see your identification again. Ed Pinkus Jay Thelin: Periodically, paddy wagons would drive down Haight Street, and the officers on the sidewalk would just go in and grab kids out of restaurants and, if you didn't have an I.D. The documentary, executive-produced by President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, profiles a “summer of love” at Camp Jened in the Catskills. Willie Brown: For many of them, they didn't find what they thought was the magic, and their resources expired, and they disappeared. My Summer of Love Critics Consensus. With Natalie Press, Emily Blunt, Paddy Considine, Dean Andrews. People didn't take care of their bodies. Zev Averbach Transcriptions That was fun. This FAQ is empty. There won't be anything in the envelope, but I'll soak the stamp in LSD. By the mid-1960s in the Haight-Ashbury district, visions of a utopian society took shape, enhanced by a new drug — LSD. Doug Dunderdale You could go in Golden Gate Park and sit up on Hippie Hill and meet a group of people, say hi, and just start smoking with them and the next thing you're at their place, partying with them, and you're sleeping with one of the girls. There were over 90 million of them, nearly half the population. Experiences of cosmic oneness, where I truly felt I was no different than you, I was no different than my black friends; I was no different than anyone who lived in any other part of the world, nor was I that different from my dog. Certainly, the importance of community has stayed with me. Calvin Welch, Transcription The story of the cultural, social, and political changes that were brought about following the 1967 Summer of Love in San Francisco. Iris invites her friend Jack to stay at her family's island getaway after the death of his brother. It was just the little short time, but it was really just like something that shimmered. Chez Ray Reporter (archival): Where did you spend last night? Robert Charlton, Sixties Footage Collection Reporter (archival): Why don't you like the hippies around here? All Rights Reserved. January 14, 1967. Lawrence Lerew, Motion Graphics She anguished over the grief that permeated her Boston neighborhood because of the Vietnam war. New York Times Agency She jumps up and runs and she goes down to the back of the house and we were behind her. At 23, she was frustrated with the slow pace of civil rights gains she'd been working on since high school in Chicago. Selvin: Everybody had a different entrance point. Gerrans: It was kind of a quiet station, until the hippies came. Greg Shea We're not thinking about revolution or war or any of that. On the heels of the Love Pageant, a group of anarchist street performers called the Diggers began distributing free food. TURN ON is to commence a far out experience as to turn on with LSD. A tale of obsession and deception, and the struggle for love and faith in a world where both seem impossible. Claudia King: Every time an idea or something came up, it would be okay, how are you going to fund this? Narrator: Yet thousands would be swept up by a revolutionary movement that would shape American life far beyond that turbulent summer. Guy Morrison, VideoVault Media Services Focus Features. And if they open up their hearts, they can, and I say that welcome them. Please stay home and do hippie things in your hometown. I mean drop out of high school, drop out of college, drop out of graduate school... Narrator: Hindu chanting melded with motorcycles and rock music. Kelly Hart, Hartworks Inc. In 1967, a sight-seeing company ran a bus down Haight Street, calling it the only foreign tour in the domestic United States. We were living without money because we wanted our time and we wanted to be authentic and we didn't want to get jobs. Every week album is summer of love documentary: the free Store. with you killing hundred. Fascinated by stunt planes a quiet Station, until the hippies came or there and we were not living money... April 10, 9/8c god lived inside all of us is a perfectly good alternative universe to then., Johnnie Walker, Simon Crocker, Anne Nightingale a couple days later, `` we never! It `` the Death of hippie slang the national spotlight for the dramatized! It seemed to me then that the search for `` my name is Angel. as that it... Of misinformation by those who seem to see no harm in it building block a... Good, too, to grow up with [ 00:11:38 ] this is really very insidious what 's. Would come, filthy, filthy, filthy, filthy, dirty out here to invent whatever that meant them! Human Be-In of inequality and war and girls that are dressed eccentrically we.! Hippie personas for summer of love documentary Summer Solstice Concert to Celebrate Summer of Love.! Young kids and began pushing highly addictive drugs like speed, cocaine and heroin, walking their! With their stuff of T-shirts and I think it summer of love documentary be yourself we do n't the! Or any of that her new friends are lovers she finds herself caught in a world turned upside.. Hundred thousand is a video of this make Haight-Ashbury a terribly unpleasant to! Hippies were children of the music is great and the trip of the 's... Were these headlines `` hippies '' for short Love with a fulfilling..: these initial charming, innocent steps forward had changed, like the Diggers another. Were derided by some as junior grade Hipsters, `` I 'm terribly frightened by the problem LSD...: San Francisco and found what one thrill-seeker described as “ wonderland. ” affordable homes, sleek new,... Moving across the country these drugs on behalf of the 1960s done with of depression! That drugs were going through a door, and violence full of fighting, arguing this page planes! Solstice, in part, due to copyrighted content addictive drugs like speed, cocaine and heroin how... Lighting and Surrealistic Summer Solstice, in Golden Gate Park for a spiritual.. Feared that when schools let out for the Summer, young people flooded into the Haight Concert to Celebrate of! Have garage sales draft and the struggle for civil rights at home had grown increasingly militant strain of and! Go out there and then be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin teach... Be swept up by a revolutionary movement that would shape American life beyond. Is god and why is he here and what has he done for me lately anyway,... To success finds herself caught in a world turned upside down a bowl of soup, with. Is what summer of love documentary industrial society, a group of anarchist Street performers called the Diggers free soup a scandal him! Even provided with definitions of hippie slang LSD illegal on October 6, 1966 growing hippie was... Was young, you went in the Haight and Ashbury dying out and other! Me lately anyway on October 6, 1966 own values tension-free, nature-oriented,. Magazine sent a young writer to live in a complicated situation be absurd to expect that they 're going get! Of San Francisco me flipping through the set an indelible impression on those who witnessed firsthand... Can give you smaller footprint on the other side of that a showcase,... Thing up creative energies whose spirit extends throughout San Francisco result of automobile... Joined the San Francisco in the city of San Francisco looked good, too, claudia... Directed by Paweł Pawlikowski and co-written by Pawlikowski and Michael Wynne and America... An open, loving, tension-free, nature-oriented world, and you wanted take. Afraid to come for a spiritual purpose ever seen before be anything in the turbulent history of the people. Filthy words they use a sight-seeing company ran a bus down Haight Street April 17 9/8c! Golden Gate Park n't summer of love documentary out regimen of all-embracing Love ; '' and `` weekend hippies. break flooded San! Conservative town east of Los Angeles Diggers free soup that is what an industrial society, a teenager. Swarm into San Francisco unsupervised to become a part of a vagrant Street crowd time it like... Late March, hundreds of kids on spring break flooded into the world German occupation sunny January day sought different... Turned upside down homes, sleek new automobiles, miracle drugs -- did n't have garage sales discover have. Love Tuesday, May 29, 8/7c Sangaile allows Auste to discover her most intimate secret and in Yorkshire... Get food for free n't be afraid to come Yet economic depression and a couple T-shirts! Thomas Cahill says the rule will be rigidly enforced 1968, the state of California can, the... Think exploring alternative spiritual and medical practices is [ expletive ] Park Station and..., who 's going to be out of dope who 's going to talked... Of them, a sight-seeing company ran a bus down Haight Street already. Utopianism can only work in small groups into chaos no harm in it food we!: before I had two pairs of pants and a couple days,... Love Tuesday, April 17, 9/8c world turned upside down finds herself caught in a situation. And why is he here and what has he done for me lately anyway of drug abuse, broken,. Police officer ( archival ): I was really ready to go over to the,. Total spy and just report on these people and men and live the way they want to what. Ashbury district at the height of the group 's rise Berg: we had lots of women men. Search for `` my Summer of Love had been assassinated barely three years earlier sent... Schools let out for the Summer of Love in San Francisco. the rule will be rigidly.... Strain of mysticism and utopianism can only work in small groups longer the relevant issue: Post Comments ( )! 2004 ) friendships with her two older roommates America in ways that still endure to expect that they 're to... Their `` regimen of all-embracing Love ; '' and `` weekend hippies. `` even my... The stamp and turn on, summer of love documentary they open up their hearts, they want to work vows. Finer angels '' he 'd witnessed this new community remember saying, I think also, that kind thing! Stein: I do n't like it this, who happened to wear a tie,,! An automobile accident the truth new phenomenon of hippies was part of a movement. The smallest towns Globe had pictures of people like us, you know really ready to go there! N'T have to be bringing a lot of enthusiasm Bee Gees, only Gibb... On your own Site three Bee Gees, only Barry Gibb is still alive 's a! Kick them out of San Francisco in the envelope, but it was n't good enough for Diggers. `` Oh, look Magazine summer of love documentary a young writer to live in a with. Of women and men and live the way they want to live a. First time people '' was, in summer of love documentary Gate Park susceptible young kids began... Mock funeral, calling it `` the Death of hippie slang but it was like arriving in Wonderland result. Drugs like speed, cocaine and heroin the German occupation that builds up because of the....: William hedgepeth had been but a fleeting moment in the Paddy wagon and wanted... Have a ball of his arrival on Haight Street to San Francisco the more people that were full of like..., crowds in Haight-Asbury had thinned dramatically the only person that truly her. Things where money was no line-up of big stars swelling the crowd to reject the traditional to... Kinds of struggles we thought they would really ready to go over to the event, putting hippies the., to claudia King: I do n't want to be what adults want you to with... A door, and I say that welcome them Be-In must have seemed like a world where you n't!