Comic Book Artist The median comic book artist salary is $36,500. Nine times out of 10 if you work at a comic book store it's because you love comics. Penciller Starting rates at Marvel and DC: $160 to $260 per page. Acquiring used books for free and re-selling is better for margins but the time investment is significant unless donors come to the store directly. North Houston, you're getting a new comic book store. Colorist $20 and $121 per page. State Worker Salary Database. They are responsible for all aspects of business operation, from planning and ordering merchandise (such as cosmetics, perfume, skin and hair care products, and beauty appliances and accessories) to overseeing day-to-day operations. The average salary of a comic book artist is, generally speaking, $20,000. Comic Book Artist Salary & Job Outlook Salary. The owners weren't very friendly or customer service oriented and all but two finally closed. As the store grows in popularity and size, it may be necessary to hire employees. Cosmetics shop owners are entrepreneurs who start or buy their own cosmetics businesses or franchise operations. Pay is low, but the hours are flexible and management is always willing to step in and help with covering shifts and doing projects when needed. At a 5 percent margin (which is the high end), a store would need $1 million dollars in revenue to make $50,000 in profit. A staffed career with a major publishing company such as DC or Marvel can net a $40,000 or higher salary, but a career in the big leagues typically follows a climb into reader regard. Letterer $10 and $25 per page The margin on new books is often less than 5 percent. Data on average comic book employee salaries isn’t available, but Glassdoor reports that bookstore clerks earn an average of $27,817 per year. Learning more about comics, talking to people who love them and working with people who love them. It depends upon where you are located. The comic book store plans to close its doors for good on Jan. 10, ... owner Wilson Lew wrote, and sales haven’t kept up. But pay and benefits, if any, vary widely based on the company and terms of employment. When I lived in Nevada a number of small stores opened and closed around the city where I grew up. • Pre-order books you’re interested in from your local retailer. The Nerd Store is a locally owned Comic Book and Novelty store. Apparel industry workers produce, maintain, or repair clothing and other consumer products made from cloth, leather, or fur. Also, comic book art careers generally fall under the broad category of illustration careers. • Tell your friends about books and help build support. The three basic processes of garment production are cutting, sewing, and pressing. Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy, a company founded in Austin 30 years ago, will open a new location this weekend on … Bureau of Labor Statistics does not have any specific information regarding comic book art careers, but it is estimated that these types of artists were paid roughly $100 per page in 2010. There are less than 10 employees at any given time. Inker $75 to $100 per page. • Support Kickstarter campaigns for great independent comic projects. • Buy direct from creators at conventions so 100% of the cover price goes into their pocket. Depending on a comic book store’s hours, a shop owner may handle most or all of the initial staffing.