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Desire Home Care (DHC) is a privately owned and family oriented company that provides in-home care for seniors and for people facing physical and/or medical challenges. We believe that everyone should and deserves to live life with joy, dignity and most importantly to its' fullest. Our caregivers come highly trained and with heart full with compassion eager to assist you in reaching those special milestones.

We assist with personal care, meal preparation, transportation and mobility, and respite services in an environment familiar to you, surrounded by loved ones and special memories.

We strive to provide quality care you can trust, and pride ourselves in providing excellent and affordable care. Care plans are personalized to fit each individual client’s needs. Desire Home Care staff work closely with family members and other support staff to ensure that appropriate and quality care is given to all clients. Our caregivers are certified and bonded.

Our Mission

Our values are simple: Strive to offer the best quality and affordable home care services, while meeting our client needs and exceeding their expectations.

Our Rate is $16-18/HR

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Home Remedies for Excessive Sweating

1. Natural Vinegar
Intake of two teaspoons of natural vinegar and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar thrice in a day is an excellent remedy to cure the excessive sweating.
Take this mixture on an empty stomach- half an hour after or before the meal.

2. Tomato Juice
Every day drink a glass of fresh tomato juice made at home to get rid of the problem of excessive sweating.

3. Herbal Tea
Sage tea has proven to be a great remedy to cure the troubles of excessive sweating. Brew some sage herbs in warm water and let them cool.
Drink this every day as sage is rich in magnesium and Vitamin B, which reduces the activities of sweat glands. This remedy is especially meant for
stopping excessive sweating in the underarms. Green tea is equally effective if you do not get sage herbs easily.

4. Potato
This is the easiest remedy to get rid of too much sweating. Simply cut slices of potato and rub them under your arms and the areas, which sweat more.

5. Witch Hazel
This herb is a great astringent and antiperspirant, which gently dries up the sweating area. Tea made up of this natural herb can also be used.
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One FREE Week of Home Care!

No Cost! No Obligation!

We believe and support our community and are proud to announce our June Free Home Care grant give back. In June, this month, we will Grant 5 free days of care to a family or person in our Riverside County, Orange County and Los Angeles County service areas, who need a caregiver. This free care will be at no cost and no obligation to the chosen recipient. The five days of free care will include but not limited to four hours a day of home care, housekeeping, companionship, and medication reminders.

To be eligible for this Free Care, nominate yourself or a person needing care at give back . Under message explain why the nominee deserves it, and at the end the month a lucky winner will be randomly selected.

The selected nominee will receive 20hrs of free care @4 hours a day with no obligations.

Teens Health

More than eight in 10 U.S. teenagers turn to the Internet for health information, and just under a third have changed their health behaviors based on what they
found online, according to a new survey. Teens following online advice sampled healthier foods, tried exercising when depressed and reduced how much soda
they drank, the survey found.
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Smartphone is good for your mental health

When it comes to mental health, technologies such as smartphones and social media networks are almost always discussed in terms of the dangers they pose.
Alongside concerns expressed in the media, some experts believe that technology has a role in the rising rates of mental health problems.

However, there is also evidence to suggest your smartphone could actually be good for your mental health.
The brain is a sensitive organ that reacts and adapts to stimulation. Researchers have looked into smartphone usage and the effects on the day-to-day plasticity of the human brain. They found that the finger movements used to control smartphones are enough to alter brain activity.

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10 Things that Anyone Can Do to Prevent Elder Abuse

1. Learn the signs of elder abuse and neglect.

2. Call or visit an elderly loved one and ask how he or she is doing.

3. Provide a respite break for a caregiver.

4. Ask your bank manager to train tellers on how to detect elder financial abuse.

5. Ask your doctor to ask you and all other senior patients about possible family violence in their lives.

6. Contact your local Adult Protective Services or Long-Term Care Ombudsman to learn how to support their work helping at-risk elders and adults with disabilities.

7. Organize a “Respect Your Elders” essay or poster contest in your child’s school.

8.Dedicate your bikeathon/marathon/other event to elder mistreatment awareness and prevention.

9. Send a letter to your local paper,radio or TV station suggesting that they cover World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (June 15) or Grandparents Day in September.

10.Join the Ageless Alliance. Ageless Alliance connects people of all ages, nationwide, who stand united for the dignity of older adults and for the elimination of elder abuse. You can join (it’s free) and get involved at