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Overnight care service involves a caregiver assisting for a few hours of care before bed and after a good night’s rest. Caregivers provide care for people with special needs suffering from aging related symptoms or chronic illness. The goal is to help the individual to be comfortable by ensuring they have a nutritious meal, their medication, a bath and hygiene & Incontinence support.

Caring for a loved one, requires a lot of sacrifice and balancing of chores and responsibilities, but one thing that is certain, is that there is not enough time to fulfill or satisfy all priorities. Striving to satisfy all priorities tugging for your time tend to live you exhausted and longing for a well needed overnight rest. Long periods without a good night rest can have averse effect on the human body. Overnight caregivers can give you that needed respite.

In addition to providing care, overnight caregivers care prepare in home meal, do house chores like homemaking and housekeeping. Our Caregivers will assist during the night if your loved one is unable to sleep or needs to use the restroom. Having a caregiver in the home as your loved one sleeps gives peace of mind and security while you rest, enabling you to wake up fresh to go about your day.

What is included in overnight care?

Overnight care is when a caregiver is able to be there a few hours before your loved one goes to bed, they sleepover and are available a few times during the night in case your loved one needs help, and they are also there for a few hours when they wake up. This ensures that your loved one has the care they need during the night. If your loved one does not need care during the day, but you prefer that a caregiver be there for them at night, overnight care may be the right fit for your needs.

In addition to providing homemaking and companionship services, the caregivers provide a number of personal care services, including:

  • Bathing, Dressing and grooming
  • Skin care and make-up
  • Continence care and Toileting assistance
  • Personal hygiene
  • Nutrition and Meal Preparation
  • Range-of-motion assistance
  • Transfer and ambulatory assistance
  • Accompaniment and Medication reminders

Cost of Overnight Care

Our goal is to provide quality affordable care. So please contact us (888) 600-4220 or for an affordable and personalized care plan today.

Can I choose my Caregiver

Yes you can. We will work with you to determine the most compatible caregiver.

How many hours does Overnight Care cover?

Overnight Care Usually covers 12 hours, typically the caregiver is available for 16 hours, and unavailable for 8 hours of sleep. If you are interested in 24 hour around-the-clock care, multiple desired caregivers would need to cover an entire day and ensure that somebody is awake at all times.

Can Overnight Care be used in both short term and long term circumstances?

Yes! Desire Home Care is able to provide Overnight Care caregivers for any length of time. We understand that there are times that a caregiver is needed for only a few days as well as more permanent situations.

How can I pay for Overnight Care?

Don’t let the cost of home care stand in the way of getting dedicated care and companionship desired. Not only does Desire Home Care provide some of the industry’s best caregivers, but we also provide valuable resources to help you and your family make informed decisions.
Please check out Payment Options.

  • Self Pay
  • Asset Conversion
  • Long Term Care insurance
  • Medicaid Programs
  • Veteran’s Benefit
  • Tax Credits & Cost of Care Reductions

Can Overnight caregivers assist in an independent living facility, nursing home, or other senior housing options?

Yes they can! Thanks to our Total Care we can provide a caregiver to help wherever your loved one resides. This way you can be reassured that your loved one is receiving the care they need, and definite one-on-one attention as well, no matter the living situation.

Contact us (888) 600-4220 or for an affordable and personalized care plan today.