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A trip to the doctor's office for surgery or a procedure is sometime necessary to improve certain medical conditions. Our caregivers and case manager can help to with all the logistics requirements. Our post surgery services and care plan is very customizable and completely flexible to our clients needs.

Our goal is to make our consumers comfortable and provide the peace of mind to loved ones who worry from afar. Post surgery care services include driving to the surgery, treatment or procedure, taking notes to ensure conversations with medical professionals are captured, companionship and comfort, transportation home, picking up prescriptions and medications, meal preparation, and even personal care services like assistance with bathing or dressing.

DHC caregivers will provide peace of mind during those critical hours after coming home from surgery or treatment.Caregivers and staff are always discreet and follow guidelines to ensure privacy, but equally important, they are focused on the safety and well-being of the patient. A caring and compassionate staff want the client to have a pleasant experience, even when the surgery, treatment or procedure leaves them uncomfortable or out of sorts; the training and skills a caregiver receives through Desire Home Caregivers University prepares them to provide quality care and genuine companionship.

in home care services

Post Surgery Care Services

  • in- Home Meal Preparation & Nutrition
  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Companionship and Recreation
  • Homemaking & Housekeeping
  • Other day to day needs required to live a fully functional life

We are available 24-hrs a day to help you. Our Personalized Care Plans have no minimum hours. Part time or full time, temporary, overnight or 24 hours around the clock care are available