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What many of us most want to do right now is give our loved ones a big hug and sit down for some intimate heart-to-heart conversation. Unfortunately, that’s just not as possible these days, even if we live nearby.

So, how should we communicate with our loved ones who might be sheltering in place or living in a facility with contact restrictions? There are several helpful options to stay in touch with long-distance loved ones, anytime.

Lack of technical knowledge is no longer a reason not to touch base. Most of our favorite restaurants, shops, and corporations are offering online options and may very well continue to do so for quite some time. It is time to help your senior and yourself relieve any fears they may have of online communication.

If you have a home care worker staying with your parents, ask them to set up some alternate methods of communication for you. Many of the solutions can be used on multiple platforms – smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop. For those with troubled eyesight, consider setting up a tablet, laptop or desktop communication so the visuals are larger and the controls easier to manage.

Technology Considerations for your Senior

  • Check that the device they are using supports:
  • Increased sizing for fonts
  • Voice commands
  • Volume control or integration with hearing aids
  • Larger buttons
  • The ability to set up one touch “favorites” for frequently used sites or calls